A sweet gesture of hope: Wonderful Halos mandarins brighten World Hunger Day in California

Over 3.6 million mandarins were donated to 14 California food banks

On World Hunger Day 2024, a day to reflect on the issues of global hunger and food insecurity, hope filled the air at the California Association of Food Banks, a partner of Feeding America. This year, something special was happening: The Wonderful Company and Wonderful Citrus announced a donation of 3.6 million sweet, seedless, and easy-to-peel Wonderful Halos mandarins.

From Redding to Orange County, the fresh, locally grown Halos found their way to 14 different California food banks, including the Central California Food Bank, The Wonderful Community Food Center at Community Action Partnership of Kern Food Bank, The Food Bank for Monterey County, Community Food Bank of San Benito County, and more, who all received their share, ensuring that the mandarins reached a wide variety of communities.

As trucks loaded with crates of Halos mandarins rolled into these food banks across California, the sight was nothing short of heartwarming. These mandarins, packed with vitamin C, would provide a healthy and delicious snack to many residents in need. The donation not only symbolized nourishment but also brought a sense of hope and joy. 

World Hunger Day emphasizes the critical need for sustainable solutions to end hunger and poverty worldwide. In partnership with the International Fresh Produce Association's Foundation for FreshProduce, this donation was more than just a one-time gesture; it was part of a broader mission to support and grow a healthier world and make a tangible difference in people's lives.

In the end, the donation of 3.6 million Halos mandarins did more than just provide a healthy snack. It brought communities together, raised awareness about the critical issue of hunger, and highlighted the importance of sustainable efforts to ensure everyone has access to the food they need.

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